Guide to buying bloodstock online


Online bloodstock trading is becoming increasingly popular as a timely and cost-effective means of selling.

Buyers have the convenience of regular trading opportunities and vendors have a cost-effective selling option to move bloodstock on.

Buyers and sellers alike are embracing the concept and with’s rapid growth in the thoroughbred sphere seeing its expansion into standardbreds in July 2019.

As always there is a risk in buying bloodstock whether you’re bidding ringside at traditional sales or from an online space behind your computer screen. So what can you do to mitigate the risk?

Do your due diligence, and do your homework. Standardbred catalogues will be online for six days before bidding closes and vendor contact information is available on each listing page. We encourage prospective buyers to make contact with the vendors and do their research before placing a bid.

Finding out more information and inspecting the horse in person will ensure you know what you are really buying and can help you make a decision on your budget.

  • If you can’t make it yourself to inspect the horse, get someone whose judgement you trust to inspect it for you.
  • Ask the farm for more photos and a video of the horse if you feel what they have provided isn’t sufficient for you to feel comfortable bidding on the horse.
  • Contact people who will have dealt with the horse whether it be a former trainer, the breaker, or even someone who has worked with it in the stable or driven it.

As a vendor it is in your best interest to represent the horse you are selling fairly and honestly. Be upfront about any health or soundness issues, and where possible supply pregnancy certificates for in foal mares and breeding certificates for maiden mares. If you would like to cut down on enquiries make sure you provide a detailed description, quality photos, and video footage of your horse from the outset.

Should you be interested in buying and selling online the friendly and helpful team are available to assist with any queries and can be contacted on +64 9 296 4436.


Picture perfect for your listing


We all know too well the struggle of getting the perfect photo of our horses. But how important is it?

A decent photo could be the difference between money in the bank and a horse still sitting in the paddock. It attracts attention and draws in buyers giving them a creditable indication of conformation and type.

If you don’t have a handy photographer friend, or a professional at that, then these six tips and tricks could help you improve your photography skills to get the best photo for your listing page.

  1. Preparation

A little grooming never goes astray. Brush out manes and tails, and brush off any mud or sweat marks.

  1. Consider you background

Highlight the horse, and only the horse. Other elements in your background tend to become a distraction and draw away from the subject so it’s best to find a space with a plain backdrop and not too much happening in it. Keep in mind that a level ground is also ideal.

  1. Standing the horse

Most buyers are looking for conformation photos to help them evaluate the horse. You want to give them a view of all four legs (que the patience and a second or even third helper). The legs nearest the camera should be slightly spaced out and the legs furthest from the camera slightly spaced in. Try and avoid the “three-legged” look.

Stand level to the horse and in the middle of the horse to create a well-balanced photo. The horse should take up at least 50% of the shot.

  1. Natural Lighting

Keep the sun at your back. You want the lighting to fall on the side of the horse to avoid any shadows that could distort it. Avoid using the flash setting.

  1. Avoid using the zoom

As tempting as it is to zoom in when taking a photo from a distance it is better to try and get closer to your subject or crop it later on. Zooming in can make the photo appear pixelated or blurry.

  1. Abundance is key

Take as many photos as you can so you have plenty to choose from to get the best one. listings allow for five photos of each Lot. Ideally buyers are looking to see a good side on shot of the horse from both sides, a head shot, a front on shot and a hind shot to allow them to assess the correctness of the horse.

Click here for an example of a listing with great photos and if you have any questions or need photos cropped or edited, feel free to call the team in New Zealand on +64 9 296 4436 and in Australia on +61 3 9614 4882 or email them to to launch into Standardbred sphere


Following parent company New Zealand Bloodstock’s well-received foray into the Standardbred sphere, industry leader in online thoroughbred auctions are preparing to extend their services also.

Having launched in April 2016,’s user-friendly, regular online auctions have been a welcome addition to the thoroughbred industry in New Zealand and Australia.

Now an integral part of the trading landscape, is used by leading breeders, owners and trainers to sell all levels of bloodstock with the highest price fetched online to date being $211,000. This was for the broodmare Ampin who was sold as part of a dispersal sale and offered in foal to Waikato Stud’s Champion Thoroughbred Sire Savabeel in June 2017.

“With the fantastic early support NZB’s already received from the Standardbred industry, it was only a matter of time before we added’s unique service to the mix,” said NZB Managing Director Andrew Seabrook.

Over 1,400 horses and over $10.4 million worth of bloodstock has been traded through the site to date and General Manager Haylie Martin is looking forward to the new development “Our team takes great pride in being able to help people whether it be by achieving exceptional results selling high-value bloodstock or giving vendors an avenue to reduce their costs by selling horses that aren’t proving economical for them.”

“I’m certain our service will be well-received and we are looking forward to becoming an integral part of this exciting industry with our first monthly auction to be held in March.”

For a cost-effective entry fee and a low 5% commission rate, vendors will have the opportunity to showcase their Lots with each listing page including a pedigree, description, race record, up to five photos and video footage plus the ability to upload vet reports.

With his extensive knowledge of the industry, NZB Standardbred representative and auctioneer Cameron Bray will be the main point of contact for vendors and buyers. The team will be at the NZB Standardbred National Yearling Sales at Karaka (17 & 18 February) and in Christchurch in February (19 & 20 February) to meet potential users of the site and show them how it works. is a subsidiary of New Zealand Bloodstock, who will host their inaugural NZB National Standardbred Yearling Sale next year with 401 yearlings set to be sold. New Zealand Bloodstock are also industry leaders in Airfreight, Insurance and Leasing and Finance.

While the new, dedicated website is being built stay tuned for updates via the following Standardbred Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

For further questions about Standardbred contact Haylie Martin. Ph: +614 22 637 8127 or email If you have a Standardbred you would like to sell contact Cam Bray. Ph: +64 21 737 199 or email