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How do I register?

On the Standardbred home page click ‘REGISTER’, located on the top right hand corner of the screen.


  1. Fill in your details and click ‘CREATE MY ACCOUNT’ (The username you create is what shows when you bid and cannot be changed).
  2. You will receive a verification email that you must open and click on the orange VERIFY button (if this email is not in your ‘Inbox’ try checking your ‘Junk Mail’).
  3. Once verified, LOGIN and click on your username in the top right corner and go to ‘SETTINGS’ to complete your user profile details.


4. You will then receive a final confirmation email once your registration is complete and you will then have access to bid.


Auction closing – The final countdown will commence starting with Lot 1. Note, once Lot 1 finishes, the countdown for Lot 2 begins.


Auto Extend – If a bid is placed in the final 30 seconds, the auction will auto-extend for a further 30 seconds to allow for further bidding. This will happen as many times as necessary until no further bids are placed on that Lot before moving on to take final bids on the next Lot.

Opening Bid – A minimum opening bid of $500 is required for horses offered for sale without a reserve. Should an unreserved horse listed fail to receive a bid, then the offering will be passed in.

How to bid – Simply click on the purple ‘PLACE BID’ button on the Lots page, make sure you refresh your page to ensure the next minimum bid value is correct if you place a second bid (if you are not logged in or registered you will not have this option, there is also no ‘PLACE BID’ button on the Lots you are a vendor of).

  • To ensure your next minimum bid is correct refresh your page from the browser found at the top of the page or type in the amount.


What is an Auto-Bid?

An auto bid is an amount up to which you allow the system to bid automatically on your behalf. The system will only raise your bid when a counter bid has been placed. As the holder of the maximum bid, each bid placed will be recorded as your new highest bid until your maximum has been outbid.

When an auto-bid limit is less than the reserve price, the system will record the maximum bid entered.

If you enter the same amount as another members’ maximum, the first member to place the bid will be the winning bidder at that amount.

Bidding increments are set as follows:

Minimum opening bid $500
$500 – $4,999 $100
$5,000 – $9,999 $250
$10,000 – $19,999 $500
$20,000 – $49,999 $1,000
$50,000 + $2,500




Contacting vendors and inspections

Buyers are strongly encouraged to do as much research as possible about the Lots they are interested in before bidding.

Vendors can be contacted via the messaging system to arrange inspections when you are logged in and contacted by phone with the details on the right hand side of the listing pages.

Establishing an online connection cannot identify loss of online connection or browser issues at the user’s end. Even a slight loss of internet connection that may not be noticeable can interrupt the user’s browser in following the sale in real-time therefore setting up an auto-bid is the best way to ensure your bids are placed. Google Chrome or Safari are the recommended internet browsers. staff are able assist in actively supporting both buyers and vendors during the sale, if you need a hand with registration or bidding, we are available on phone or email during our online auction to help.


After the sale

You will receive an invoice for your purchase shortly after the sale which is payable on receipt and no later than five working days after the sale. Should you wish to have your purchase scoped, it is your responsibility to arrange and pay for this. This must be done within three working days of the sale with a list of vets around the country available on request.

On receipt of the funds exchange the contact details of and notify both buyer and seller that the horse may now be picked up.

Ownership papers will be forwarded to buyers from the NZB Standardbred offices in Christchurch.

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