Guide to buying bloodstock online


Online bloodstock trading is becoming increasingly popular as a timely and cost-effective means of selling.

Buyers have the convenience of regular trading opportunities and vendors have a cost-effective selling option to move bloodstock on.

Buyers and sellers alike are embracing the concept and with’s rapid growth in the thoroughbred sphere seeing its expansion into standardbreds in July 2019.

As always there is a risk in buying bloodstock whether you’re bidding ringside at traditional sales or from an online space behind your computer screen. So what can you do to mitigate the risk?

Do your due diligence, and do your homework. Standardbred catalogues will be online for six days before bidding closes and vendor contact information is available on each listing page. We encourage prospective buyers to make contact with the vendors and do their research before placing a bid.

Finding out more information and inspecting the horse in person will ensure you know what you are really buying and can help you make a decision on your budget.

  • If you can’t make it yourself to inspect the horse, get someone whose judgement you trust to inspect it for you.
  • Ask the farm for more photos and a video of the horse if you feel what they have provided isn’t sufficient for you to feel comfortable bidding on the horse.
  • Contact people who will have dealt with the horse whether it be a former trainer, the breaker, or even someone who has worked with it in the stable or driven it.

As a vendor it is in your best interest to represent the horse you are selling fairly and honestly. Be upfront about any health or soundness issues, and where possible supply pregnancy certificates for in foal mares and breeding certificates for maiden mares. If you would like to cut down on enquiries make sure you provide a detailed description, quality photos, and video footage of your horse from the outset.

Should you be interested in buying and selling online the friendly and helpful team are available to assist with any queries and can be contacted on +64 9 296 4436.


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